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Los Angeles, CA

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Kristen Dorsey Designs, LLC was founded in 2011 by Kristen Dorsey, an award-winning Chickasaw metalsmith living and working in Huntington Beach, CA. For Kristen, jewelry goes beyond ornamental adornment; it is a medium with which she has forged her cultural identity as a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, a Native American tribe originally from the southeast.  Utilizing natural gemstones, precious metals, and other materials, her handcrafted jewelry pieces are a unique mix of Chickasaw visual traditions infused with inspiration drawn from the beauty of the California Coast.  Dorsey’s philosophy is that “jewelry is a sacred narrative; it captures moments of significance for the wearer such as transitions in life, relationships with one another, and with one’s community, cultural identity, and spirituality.”

Four Direction Loksi Wrap Bracelet in Black Rhodium


Four Direction Loksi Wrap Bracelet in Black Rhodium

4D BR Loksi Wrap.jpg
IMG_4732 (1).jpg
4D BR Loksi Wrap.jpg
IMG_4732 (1).jpg

Four Direction Loksi Wrap Bracelet in Black Rhodium


This piece is made to order, please allow for an additional 1.5 weeks for shipping.

Four black rhodium plated turtle shells are arranged in the four directions pattern. They are strung on leather cord dyed with lead-free dyes in either turquoise, purple, black or white.


The Loksi (turtle) is a central aspect of the Stomp Dance. Shells are filled with pebbles and bound together on leather. Women then wear them on their legs as they dance, creating the rhythm of the music. Each wrap bracelet celebrates the continuity of the stomp dance


The wrap bracelet is cast in bronze and black rhodium plated.


Each bracelet wraps around most wrists three times and is finished with a KDD logo tag on one end. The other end may be trimmed down.


Earth Water Sky

Handmade in Los Angeles

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