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716 S. Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA

(310) 489-3763

Kristen Dorsey Designs, LLC was founded in 2011 by Kristen Dorsey, an award-winning Chickasaw metalsmith living and working in Huntington Beach, CA. For Kristen, jewelry goes beyond ornamental adornment; it is a medium with which she has forged her cultural identity as a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, a Native American tribe originally from the southeast.  Utilizing natural gemstones, precious metals, and other materials, her handcrafted jewelry pieces are a unique mix of Chickasaw visual traditions infused with inspiration drawn from the beauty of the California Coast.  Dorsey’s philosophy is that “jewelry is a sacred narrative; it captures moments of significance for the wearer such as transitions in life, relationships with one another, and with one’s community, cultural identity, and spirituality.”


Guardian Statement Ring in Rose Gold

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Guardian Statement Ring in Rose Gold



The shield-like contours of this ring are designed for optimal comfort and elegance as you blaze those trails every day. The powerful shapes are actually four hand carved hatchets symbolizing the weapon of choice for Chickasaw women of the 1730s who effectively defended their families and homes from European invaders. The shield shape of the ring brings confidence while reminding you to meet every challenge fearlessly and boldly. Today we wield knowledge instead of hatchets, however, we are no less fierce than our grandmothers, and will pass on this gift of strength to our granddaughters.


This ring is cast in sterling silver, with rose gold plate.


1.35" long x 0.8" wide x 0.8" high 


The Hatchet Women - Indigenous Resistance since 1736

During the French Indian Wars of the 1730s, villages in our southeastern homelands were under attack by French Soldiers looking to take our resources and harm our people.  However, they were stopped by Chickasaw women.  Armed with hatchets and skilled in combat, these unconquerable women forced the French to retreat.

Learn more about the hatchet women story here.

Handmade in Los Angeles

*Pieces are made to be hypo-allergenic and less likely to tarnish.

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